Party Bus Germantown

Great Attraction Ideas For Your Party Bus Trip!

Germantown is an unincorporated city in Maryland located just 30 miles from Washington D.C. Boasting the second largest population in Maryland after Baltimore, Germantown is a city on the rise. With numerous ethnic restaurants, upscale pubs and a fair share of sports and music venues, a night out in Germantown is guaranteed to be a night well spent.

Tokyo Sushi Asian Bistro


18301 Leaman Farm Rd., Germantown, MD 20874

Tokyo Sushi is Germantown’s hotspot for Asian food. From the super fresh sushi rolls to some of the Chinese specialities, everything here is priced decently and tastes amazing. Crowd favorites here are the Madness roll (spicy tuna) and, of course, the Germantown Roll with barbecued eel, fresh salmon and topped with avocado sauce. The ambiance here is definitely relaxing. With the earthy tones and the large comfortable seating, you won’t find a more peaceful restaurant in town.

Curry Place


12951 Wisteria Dr., Germantown, MD, 20874

While a full buffet at an ethnic restaurant is quite rare, the buffet at Curry Place is out of this world. It works great here too, especially since it may take some time to find out what you like with all the unfamiliar dishes. For the lunch buffet, go with the Chili Chicken, it’s just a little bit spicy but definitely has a kick. If you want something more American style instead, go with the Chicken 65, spicy chicken nuggets. The ambiance here is perfect. Avoiding cliched Indian decor, the owners went for a clean, open environment which works great since it can get crowded during lunchtime.

Royal Bagel Bakery


19725 Germantown, MD 20874

The Royal Bagel Bakery is the best spot in Germantown for a quick, filling lunch. The sandwiches here are the main attractions, thanks to the bagels they’re served on. The bread is perfectly fluffy on the outside and covered in a beautiful crust. However, the croissant sandwiches are the best thing on the menu. Whether an egg and cheese croissant for breakfast or a turkey and cheese croissant for lunch, be sure you at least order one to take home with you.



19823 Century Blvd., Germantown, MD 20874

&pizza serves some of the best pizza in the entire state. Specializing in gourmet flatbread, they know how to make a beautiful pizza that tastes amazing. The Farmer’s Daughter is one of their best offerings. With spicy tomatoes, Italian sausage, chili oil and a ton of spinach and mozzarella, it’s easy to see why this pizza is a favorite for veggie lovers. But if meat is your thing, you have to try the Maverick with its aged pepperoni, salami, Italian sausage and sliced tomatoes.

Buffalo Wings and Beer


18307 Leaman Farm Rd., Germantown, MD 20874

For some of the best hot wings in Maryland, you cannot miss an opportunity to visit Buffalo Wings and Beer. With over a dozen choices, there’s a flavor here for everybody. If you stay away from spicy food, the garlic wings and the honey mustard wings are a safe bet. But if you think you’re up to it, give the INSANE Cock wings. There’s also an extensive sandwich menu with classics like a turkey club and an amazing roast beef sandwich. The drink choices here are mind-blowing. There are over 30 options on the menu, with everything from Jameson Whiskey and Grand Marnier to standard beer and wine choices.

Picca Chicken


1300 Middlebrook Rd., Germantown, MD 20874

While everyone loves a good Mexican meal, Peruvian food deserves a better reputation. Luckily there’s Picca Chicken in Germantown to start the craze. However, they serve much more than Peruvian fare here. The half chicken meal is cooked to perfection, and the lamb chops are easily the crowd favorite. But if you’re looking to try something new, go with the fried calamari and yucca or the Bistec a lo Pobre, a Peruvian fried steak with an egg on top. The ambiance here is pretty casual. Beautiful Peruvian artwork lines the walls, and the color choice of dark red and orange is wonderful.