About Us

Party Bus DC is in the business of providing the highest level of value for your hard earned dollar. We know and understand the premium of hard work and have modeled our business in a fashion which accepts only those who are willing to give you the very best for your money. We are an organization comprised of dedicated and hard working professionals. Each and every one of our employees is committed to providing the excellence that you deserve, and we work hard to insure that this is what you will receive.

Each and every member of our organization shares this common goal of reaching higher and higher for excellence in every single facet of our business. Our DC limo booking agents are dedicated to giving you superb service from the very first "hello". Our maintenance crews and fleet mechanics work around the clock to insure that our fleet is ready to leave at a moments notice, and ready to deliver more than excellence at any given time. We are fortunate to have such great people working with us toward this goal of greatness. But, you'll be pleased to note, it doesn't end here...

The true superstars of our show will be the front line folks of our company. Those who put their best foot forward no matter the circumstances... our fine crew of outstanding, highly trained, and eminently professional chauffeurs. Their great eye for detail is what will insure your ultimate satisfaction and give you the great experience that you deserve.

For the best time, trust your transportation to Party Bus DC!